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Millions of people all over the world play World of Warcraft. This WoW game is also known as a MMORPG which is short for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It is a type of game where all the players enter this massive virtual world where they create their own game characters and take them through a big number of different levels and quests. These players come across hard and complicated areas in this game.

Right now, there are already a number of guides on the market for World of warcraft. So,you probably ask yourself, do I really need one of these World of Warcraft guides ? What could I possibly learn from a guide that I couldn’t just figure out on my own?

It turns out, quite a lot. Cataclysm is an expansion that will change pretty much everything we know about World of Warcraft, including the old world content we all grew up on. So, if you’re like me and think you can “wing it”, you’ll login on day one, look at your character and ask, “wait, what’s first?”

There are new races to level, new combos to check out, new gear to get, new PvP to participate in, and new levels to grind through. The questing is overhauled, the achievements are upgraded, and the professions are extended.

And if you sit there scratching your head too long, everyone else is going to rush past you and leave you sitting there wondering what just happened.

So, you need to act fast, moving your way up the ranks rapidly so you can reach level 85, make some gold and start building up your guild’s level as fast as possible.

I know this sounds silly, but that’s exactly where World of Warcraft guides come in. These guides show you what has changed and how it will affect your gameplay. You can speed through your professions, knowing exactly how much gold you’ll need and where to find materials. You can peg the perfect levelling specs for all your rerolls to hit Level 85 as fast as possible.

So, if you’re worried that you’ll get left behind or simply not know what to do, I recommend you check out these World of Warcraft guides; if nothing else take a look and see what they have to offer.

World of Warcraft Handbooks

World of Warcraft Tips

There are 10 classes in World of Warcraft and each of them is very different, bringing in a number of different strategies and tools to make gameplay more interesting. However, if you’re just getting used to a new class or are just not having a good time with an old stalwart, you need to determine what you’re doing wrong and how to develop better strategies for your situation.

• Does Your Talent Spec Do the Job – Always start by analysing your spec. Your talents might be completely out of whack or maybe just a talent or two away from being perfect. Whatever the case, make sure to rethink how you spec your talents and choose a way to build your character that matches what you’re doing with it. See wikis and your fellow player for tips on which talent specs will work best for you.

• What Kind of Rotation Are you Using – Next up, make sure you have a good shot rotation. Each character class is designed to have an ideal makeup that will allow them to deal higher damage, or heal for more or stay alive longer. Learn what it is and then learn how to adjust that rotation under duress. You want to maximize output, while keeping from running out of mana or whatever you need to perform those attacks.

• Gear and Item Check – Finally, you need to check out your gear and items. There are so many options in there to choose from, but if you have blue gear going into a raid, no wonder you’re having trouble. Check what you can afford and what is available and then max out your stats as much as possible. These are the things you need to be doing to be topped out for your class.

Every class in the game is designed to let players excel in exciting, different ways. If you don’t actually spend the time necessary to learn your class though and tweak them to the degree that is necessary for optimal play, you’ll never be able to get to those upper echelons of excellence. So, what options do you have? To start with, you can practice. Second, find other class members to help you out. Finally, get some good strategies off of forums and wikis to help you choose talents and get the right gear. Only with the right information will you ever truly succeed.

These were a few tips to improve your World of Warcraft game. However, the best tip is this, get yourself a proffesional World of Warcraft guide!
World of Warcraft Guides

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